Term Dates 2024

Metro Tennis term dates go by the Victorian State School term dates. Lessons will continue into the second last week of each school term.  The last week of school term will be set aside for make up lessons missed due to poor weather conditions.

Metro Tennis Term Dates for 2024 are as follows:

  • Term 1: Monday 29th January – Saturday 23rd March
  • Term 2: Monday 15th April – Saturday 22nd June
  • Term 3: Monday 15th July – Saturday 14th September
  • Term 4: Monday 7th October – Saturday 14th December

(Make up lessons missed due to poor weather will run an extra week)

Lessons will not be held on the following dates. Term fees have been calculated excluding these dates.

Term 1

  • Saturday 9th and Monday 11th March – Labour Day weekend
  • Thursday 21st, Friday 22nd March and Saturday 23rd March – Grand Prix (impacts Middle Park Tennis Club only)

Term 2

  • Thursday 25th April – ANZAC Day
  • Saturday 8th & Monday 10th June – Kings Birthday weekend

Term 3


Term 4

  • Saturday 2nd, Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th November – Melbourne Cup weekend