Long Term Player Development: High Performance Consultant


Long term player development (LTPD) is for players willing to give a serious commitment to tennis. This program is very different from weekly private lessons, hence the emphasis on long term. Our LTPD program focusses on quality over quantity and provides real learning outcomes. Many other coaches’ programs talk about utilising sports science knowledge but in truth do not follow these principles. Unlike LTPD, it is very rare for other coaches’ programs to utilize the skills of a tertiary educated sports science professional. We pride ourselves on personal development in an ethically sound and personally stimulating environment.

Program Aims

  • To deliver a structured holistic program, integrated into players’ schooling, university or full time tennis schedule, creating a much needed balance between academia and performance.
  • To ensure a highly individualized program which is tailored to the athlete’s needs (athlete focused).
  • To create a pathway towards the player’s aspirations, with no short cuts or band aid approaches, whether the goal is a professional career, college career or other.
  • To provide a high degree of personal attention, to facilitate real learning outcomes. To achieve this, we limit the number of players granted entry into the program.

Program Highlights

  • full tennis assessment (CNS pattern analysis, stroke and movement biomechanical analysis)
  • functional tennis testing (pre-musculoskeletal screening)
  • physical testing
  • physical conditioning program (based on testing)
  • scheduling (12 month yearly schedule)
  • periodised training program (based on scheduling)
  • monitoring (HR data and RPE values, recovery tests, weekly and monthly loading)
  • coach support (at selected tournaments, and in establishing daily training habits including warm ups, match analysis, cool downs)
  • tactical development (game plans individualised, scouting of opposition as required, pre and post match analysis, charting/data recording of matches)
  • nutritional advice and referrals
  • visualization/meditation
  • goal setting, journaling, emotional management and sports psychology advice
  • access to preferred network of physiotherapists, sports doctors and podiatrists etc

Applying for the Program

Every prospective player is different in terms of their goals, abilities and current schedules (schooling, higher education). A mandatory screening and initial (free) consultation is required upon applying to enter the program.

Please contact Paul Aitken (0412 0412 04) for a full disclosure of the terms and conditions for this unique program.