Rubin Stathem competing in the Heineken Open, Coached by Paul Aitken

Rubin Statham competing in the Heineken Open, coached by Paul Aitken


We pride ourselves on having the very best and up to date coaching methods and techniques. We use the latest tennis software to digitally analyse your biomechanical technique and help you get the most out of your game.

Metro Tennis coaching programs have been developed primarily from the original Paul Aitken’s School of Tennis and then Metro Racquets, which has operated out of Port Melbourne and Carmelite (Middle Park) tennis clubs for over 10 years.

Metro Tennis endeavours to provide students (young and old, beginner to elite) with quality tuition, with an emphasis on helping individuals reach their full potential in a fun, healthy environment.

Metro Tennis offers a range of tennis coaching services, including:

  • after school group lessons
  • private lessons
  • school holiday clinics and tournaments
  • children’s birthday parties
  • corporate business days
  • in school coaching programs (currently at Middle Park Primary School)
  • Player Development